“Sigmund was a great motivation to my students! Non-readers became involved and excited about reading and writing. Collaborating with Sigmund this school year
brought excitement and enthusiasm to literacy, which resulted in enormous growth for my students.”

Kelli Schindel, Lanigan School

“It was a wonderful experience! The students were always eager to engage in any of the writing tasks Sigmund presented because he did it in such a fun way. The kids felt like they were telling silly stories, when really, there was some amazing learning happening.”

Teacher feedback following the Story Ninja pilot project, Horizon School District

“I have great plans for the up and coming grade 3 class as we introduce the program to them. They are going to love being story ninjas! I can’t wait! I have so many ideas on how to make this program the core of my ELA program.”

Angel Godart, Wakaw School

“I have seen my students change from reluctant writers to engaged writers. They are using their imagination and developing the plots of their stories better. They now know that every story has an opening, a problem, the problem gets bigger, and then the problem is solved. Understanding that structure has helped my students write more interesting and focused stories.”