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“My students are FIRED UP about being Story Ninjas! We have worked through the first three lessons and the kids LOVE it. They were over the top today when their folders and book came in.

We’ve had such great discussions during and after your lessons—the kids have taken this up with the passion I was hoping for…What I like about the lessons is that they are super easy to plan for and very engaging.  I feel like they are a guarantee for success in the process of writing—a great support for teachers!”

Karen M., Yorktown School District

“Sigmund was a great motivation to my students! Non-readers became involved and excited about reading and writing. Collaborating with Sigmund this school year
brought excitement and enthusiasm to literacy, which resulted in enormous growth for my students.”

Kelli Schindel, Lanigan School

“We are thoroughly enjoying the Story Ninja program.  As an educator I sometimes need a quick lesson and the Story Ninja program is perfect for that because there is no prep for me to do. It is a total hit! My students loved the thought of creating a simple, silly story. Thanks again for all your enthusiasm!”

Lori Ketchmark-Duffy, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Elementary School

“I have great plans for the up and coming grade 3 class as we introduce the program to them. They are going to love being story ninjas! I can’t wait! I have so many ideas on how to make this program the core of my ELA program.”

Angel Godart, Wakaw School